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Who We Are

We are champions of equity, researchers of culture, and creators of community who empower companies to create diverse and inclusive workplaces where every person belongs.

Coqual is a global, nonprofit think tank and advisory group that was founded in 2004 to address bias and uncover barriers to advancement for underrepresented populations in the workplace.

We produce research that is unique in depth, breadth, and rigor, tackling urgent workplace issues related to gender, race, ethnicity, disability, and LGBTQ identities. We offer concrete and actionable solutions.

Our unique community, the Coqual Task Force, is made up of more than 100 member companies. These executives and practitioners are leaders in the diversity and inclusion movement. We provide them with the latest findings, events, educational opportunities, inspiration, and mutual connection.

Our Coqual Advisory® group provides consulting services that include culture audits, sponsorship programs, antiracism initiatives, and leadership development programs to help companies accelerate equity from workplaces to the world.

Our Team
Board of Directors
Research Advisors

Our advisors bring insights, global expertise, and a broad range of perspectives that enrich and deepen Coqual's research.