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Jeyandini Fernando

Director, Communications and Marketing

Jeyandini Fernando is the director of communications & marketing and an accomplished journalist with a passion for equality for women’s health.

Before starting her career, Jeyandini moved to Uganda where she was the one-woman communications team for the Uganda Village Project working to bring obstetric fistula patients to lifesaving surgeons. Trekking through the village jungles, she found her calling to tell the stories of those otherwise ignored.

Her global work supporting women led Jeyandini her to a career at the Greater New York City affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, working in development and communications. From there, she went on to CNN where she produced the morning shows Early Start, Starting Point, and NEW DAY and published an opinion piece on the struggle to find brown role models in a majorly white environment. While working with the likes of Soledad O’Brien, Chris Cuomo, and John Berman, she sharpened her skills at the Journalism School at Columbia University focusing on broadcast and video production.

Jeyandini holds an undergraduate degree in Legal Studies, African-American Studies, and Journalism from SUNY-Buffalo and a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University’s School of Journalism.