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Whether a small briefing for your C-suite or a remote conference, our speakers will inform, inspire, and energize your audience with fresh ideas, research, and stories that move and empower.

Our thought leaders have spoken at the world’s leading organizations and events.

Our Talks
Sponsorship & the Power of Relationship Capital

Learn how sponsorship boosts underrepresented employees. This presentation takes information from our eight-year groundwork in sponsorship as one of our most important and insightful talks for high-potential women and people of color.

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Being Black in Corporate America

Inspired by our groundbreaking study by the same name, this presentation boldly shows that the best intentions for employees of color still won’t guarantee that your workplace is an equitable one. Gain insight into lived challenges and create purposeful, positive action.

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How to Build A Culture of Belonging at Work

Textbook “loners” might be mysterious in high school movie plots, but nobody wants to be outside looking in at work. Gain practical knowledge about the active implementation of an inclusive workplace. This talk tackles how to ensure your workplace properly communicates the simple message: “You belong.”

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How to Boost the Success of Women in STEM

Why do so many women working in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) end up departing from the field entirely rather than setting their sights on the C-suite? For a decade, we have studied women’s phenomena in the industry to uncover the why and what to do to prevent further “brain drain.” Find out what kind of workplace environments and systems boost women’s retention and success in STEM careers.

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The Power of Inclusive Leadership

Build a workforce that empowers and benefits all employees and teams. If we know that diverse workforces have proven success and track records, one big question that sometimes comes up is how to build out that workforce. This presentation is ideal for business leaders looking to learn more about the role inclusive leadership plays in the impact on their company’s bottom line.

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Building an Authentic Leadership Brand

Ready to keep it real? Learn about best practices that contribute to authentic leadership. One of our most dynamic and popular presentations, this customizable talk speaks to different management areas, such as women or people of color. Participants come away with practical tips and strategies that assist in the quest to lead with authenticity.

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Tailored Talks for Milestones and Urgent Topics

Let’s build a talk together that addresses your concern. Our tailored talks draw from our body of research findings and directly address your specific need or criteria.

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