Emilia Yu

Senior Research Associate

Emilia is a senior research associate at Coqual, serving as the go-to data person by leading data analysis and survey design, and assisting with qualitative research and story direction. Coqual’s latest mission to take a stronger stance on social justice issues is a cause that currently fuels her work. Emilia can also be found pitching in to assist with projects and putting out fires where necessary to support the shared mission at Coqual and keep things running smoothly.

Emilia has experience with econometric modeling and research, as well as policy research on a variety of issues from an internship with the Office of the Manhattan Borough President. She is also well versed in writing, editing, and review from a writing consultant position at the New York University Writing Center.

Emilia graduated from New York University in 2017 after studying economics and political science. Passionate about music and writing, Emilia believes in stories wherever they’re found, from lyrics to the screen to video games to the block around her apartment, and lately, she has had a musical penchant for all things funk.