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Peggy Shiller

Chief of Staff to CEO

Peggy is the chief of staff for CEO Lanaya Irvin. She has been at Coqual since its founding. She has 20 years of experience planning conferences and overseeing research ventures that run the gamut from blogs to reports to blockbuster books.

Throughout her time at Coqual, Peggy has gained inspiration working among smart colleagues who are passionate about the work they do. And the untapped potential of women and people of different ethnicities, orientations, and backgrounds propels her to continue lending her expertise and insight to help them.

Additionally, Peggy has co authored two Harvard Business Review Research Reports, including the signature Off-Ramps and On-Ramps study, as well as several Coqual reports. Previously, she spent more than a decade in the fashion industry. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Sarah Lawrence College.