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Isis Fabian

Manager, Publications & Research

Isis is manager of publications and research at Coqual, where she leads the on-time production of all research deliverables and all engagement with Coqual’s research sponsors. In this role, she forges long-lasting connections with experts and D&I leaders, ensures key stakeholder perspectives are embedded into CTI’s research process, and oversees the execution of interviews, focus groups, and online forums to capture insights and pain points from professionals around the globe. Isis also conducts many of these conversations across the US and abroad, oversees research work streams as well as end-to-end production of Coqual’s research publications, and works with the larger research team to translate quantitative data into cohesive narratives. Her mastery of the Adobe Creative Suite, knowledge of the tech platforms fundamental to Coqual’s work, and ability to creatively solve last-minute asks are evidence of the Jane-of-all-trades disposition and growth mindset that make her a critical resource across the organization, while her deep knowledge of past research findings and unparalleled attention to detail ensure her ability to deliver value at Coqual and beyond.

Isis also works to identify the latest best practices and innovations in the diversity and inclusion field to keep Coqual’s recommendations on the cutting edge. In addition, she presents Coqual research to external audiences on topics including sponsorship, executive presence and personal branding, awakening to systemic racism in the workplace, and unconscious bias. She holds a dual degree in economics and psychology from New York University. When she isn’t orchestrating publications and research, colleagues can count on her to order her favorite Ethiopian cuisine to the office, and to join her Coqual BFFs at the mic during karaoke nights.