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Emily Gawlak

Director, Research

Emily is a research director for Coqual. In addition to wordsmithing—including most recently Coqual’s equity series, belonging series, and Being Black in Corporate America—she conducts qualitative research, assists with research development, and partners with the communications team to share Coqual’s research with the wider world. With experience that ranges from film festival production to content marketing to music and theater criticism, Emily likes to say that she’s taken a winding and somewhat offbeat path to the diversity and inclusion space—but couldn’t be more thrilled to be here.

A self-professed skeptic who once upon a time thought a full-time job would never tie her down, Emily is endlessly proud to “belong” at Coqual and to be part of a team working hard and thinking deeply about how to build a more equitable workplace and a more empathetic world. When Emily’s not hard at work crafting melodic prose for the organization, you can catch her tending (i.e., talking to) her two dozen or so plants or watching/reading/listening to detective stories. Emily graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in English and film studies.