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Danielle Cruz

Director, HR

Danielle is the director of human resources at Coqual, where she wears multiple hats, including social worker, empath, motivational speaker, policy maker, morale booster, and, occasionally, event planner. She has more than a decade of administrative experience and has held positions in executive administration and events management within publishing and corporate industries with a focus on CSR, diversity and inclusion, and employee engagement.

Danielle has worked at PEOPLE magazine and Time Warner Inc., where she identified the need for the company to close a gap in its resources for working parents and caregivers. By doing so, she ended up as co-founder and co-chair of Time Warner’s business resource group, TW Parents Exchange, which sought to solve the problem. As a working parent herself, Danielle’s proudest accomplishment is raising two socially conscious daughters. Her passion for creating what feels beautiful and necessary has led her down the pathway to be a maker of things, and she has found a love of stretching her creative muscles through painting, crocheting, and sewing.