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Belonging Matters Everywhere: An Examination of Workplace Cultures in China, India, and Mexico

The world and our workplaces have shifted dramatically with the disruptions of 2020, but our fundamental human need for belonging remains. In this report, we examine how global companies can create truly inclusive cultures of belonging in three growth markets: China, India, and Mexico.

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Key Findings

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Why this study?

Companies need the humanizing power of belonging, especially now, due to pandemic, polarization, and the isolation of remote work. When all employees belong—regardless of difference—organizations and employees will reap rewards, not just now, but for years to come.

For international businesses, the challenge is to create belonging across borders. Cultural factors influence workplaces, and these vary from country to country, as do the forces of “othering” that create alienation and a lack of trust. There are insiders and outsiders in each country, and business leaders, managers, and colleagues need to understand the local landscape.

This report provides the practical guide to create workplace cultures where everyone feels seen, connected, supported, and proud of their organizations.