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Sponsorship & the Power of Relationship Capital

Learn how sponsorship boosts underrepresented employees.

This presentation takes information from our eight-year groundbreaking research in sponsorship as the basis of one of our most important and insightful talks for high-potential women and people of color. In addition to coming away with the confidence that they can improve their sponsorship initiatives, participants learn:

  • The mechanics of sponsorship—what it is and isn’t, how it differs from mentorship, the essential role sponsorship plays in career success;
  • Roadmaps, tools, and tactics used in ongoing successful sponsor-protégée relationships;
  • Warnings about common missteps, such as “mini-me syndrome,” in which mentors unknowingly select protegees that resemble themselves.
  • Access to Coqual’s Levers for Leadership® program led by senior leaders from leading-edge global companies who utilize customized training sessions with state-of-the-art leadership development modules featuring proprietary Coqual research.
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