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Zara Afridi

Senior Project Associate

Zara is a senior project associate at Coqual responsible for building and adjusting project plans to help the team produce innovative reports by facilitating the research and publication processes. They are passionate about utilizing project management practices for hastening positive change and social justice.

They studied Political Science at Bernard M. Baruch College and received a Masters of Public Affairs from Bernard M. Baruch College with a concentration in Policy Analysis and Evaluation. Zara joins Coqual after working at Blue State, a cause-driven media agency, where she developed a strong foundation of experience in the project management field. Prior to that, Zara worked at EAC Network, a human services agency that provided over 100 programs across New York City, Long Island, and Rockland County as a Development and Marketing Associate.

Zara has a demonstrated passion for immigrant and refugee rights as well as youth empowerment while working at Women for Afghan Women as a Program Associate where she directly worked with community members to empower and advocate for culturally sensitive resources and policies that protect the best interests of the Afghan and broader South Asian diaspora.

In their free time, Zara is an enthusiastic record collector who enjoys quality coffee, reading books while curled up with her cat, Agatha, community organizing, and attending concerts.