Jamell Moore

Vice President of Information Technology

Jamell is the vice president of information technology at Coqual. In his role, Jamell handles all technology-related tasks. He helps Coqual stay up and running, with responsibilities ranging from quick tech support and hardware outages to launching new tech platforms and initiatives, including our Insights and Survey program. Prior to coming to Coqual, Jamell worked with multiple managed service providers, including Hyatt Computer and Richard Fleischman and Associates. Jamell discovered at an early age that he had a passion for technology and helping others with it. He started his career working in various nonprofit committees for Hispanic children and families, one being Consortium for Worker Education.

A Brooklyn native, Jamell has various certifications in the technology field. When Jamell is not in front of the computer, he is out enjoying quality time with his family or supporting his kids in whatever endeavors they’ve decided to embark on. Recently they’ve been fascinated with creating culinary masterpieces.