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Faye Steele

Associate, Research

Faye is a research associate at Coqual, where her focus is on assisting the team in all stages of the research process. As a young African American professional, she continues to learn about how underrepresented groups experience the working world so that she can both navigate it more strategically and help others do the same.

She has been involved in the production of Being Black in Corporate America: An Intersectional Exploration and Coqual’s research series on Belonging in the Workplace. Faye also assists the events, communications, management, and consulting teams on an ad hoc basis. Faye admires how relevant Coqual’s overall work is and how each year, the nation witnesses more organizations awakening to the business and moral imperative of diversity, equity, and inclusion at work.

Faye holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Ball State University and worked with a banking nonprofit. When she isn’t studying Mandarin Chinese, volunteering, or reading a good book, Faye can be found dabbling in vegan cooking, even though she admits she’s not a vegan just yet.