Cristina Francisco-McGuire

Senior Engagement Manager

Cristina is senior engagement manager of advisory services at Coqual, where she collaborates with workplace visionaries who have zeroed in on the end goal of inclusion, and helps them to understand the best way to get there. All of her work is geared toward giving these visionaries the data and solutions they need to win over hearts and minds and sustain the process of change. In the past, this has included driving the design and execution of culture audits to understand where the pain points are in a company’s culture, or designing bespoke sponsorship programs for Coqual to lead as part of a broader diversity and inclusion strategy. Most recently, Cristina has been leading Coqual’s work on allyship and racial equity dialogues in the wake of continued violence and injustice toward Black people and heightened support for Black Lives Matter. In addition, as a Coqual subject matter expert, she delivers presentations and workshops on a range of Coqual research.

Prior to joining Coqual, Cristina spent more than a decade in political advocacy as a lobbyist, where she focused on increasing access to voting. Cristina earned her MA in intercultural relations from University of the Pacific and has deep expertise in cultural frameworks, critical race theory, and intercultural training design. She also holds a BA from Pomona College.

With hobbies that span from travel to cooking, when Cristina is not adventuring in new places, she can at least have adventures in the kitchen. As a Filipino-American, she has carried the traditions of making delicious food, and bonding over it at parties and gatherings.