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Colin Elliott

Vice President, Advisory Services

Colin is a vice president of advisory services at Coqual, focusing on research implementation and organizational strategy, where he uses employee perspectives to drive understanding and sustainable action. On the ground, he specializes in leading large-scale inclusion analytics projects and partnering with clients to identify employee challenges. He also works to implement talent solutions that advance inclusion.

At Coqual, Colin relies upon the community spirit and willingness of his colleagues to help, whether that means discussing a problem and finding a solution or prompting entirely different ideas, both on his team and outside of it. In his role, Colin enjoys being able to elevate the opinions and experiences of others, offering new ideas to organizations, and helping people understand the different perspectives of those around them.

Colin holds an master’s degree in history from St. John’s University with a focus on globalization. Prior to working with Coqual, he researched criminology, race, and the early drug trade. In his free time, he can be found playing the trumpet, cooking, or reading.