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Jason Zahorchak

Executive Vice President

Jason Zahorchak is executive vice president at Coqual. Jason thinks of all the risks in the work that Coqual does alongside all the opportunities and possibilities for the organization. He also wants to bring out the fullest potential in each member of a team and to make the workplace a place of personal growth and happiness.

Jason has more than 15 years of experience helping boards and companies develop their strategic plans, meet cost and income goals, manage risk and compliance, and streamline their systems and operations. He previously served as director of finance and administration and acting co-director at Equal Justice USA (EJUSA), which was a semifinalist for the 2014 NY Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Award for outstanding management practices.

Prior to EJUSA, Jason focused on communications and network growth with the Tobin Project in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was a consultant for the International Crisis Group in Northeast Asia, covering economic and geopolitical risk. He holds a bachelor’s from UC Berkeley, a master’s from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Yale School of Management. In his downtime, Jason is a music aficionado.